Naturegraph Publishers Author Submission Query Guidelines

First, does your writing fit our publishing niches?
    non-fiction on a natural history topic
    non-fiction on a Native American topic
    no poetry accepted, even for our categories
    no children's books under teenage
    we publish paperback books; no hardbacks or coffee table edtions
To find out:
    Look at our published books on this website:
        or send for a Naturegraph catalog
    Is your work long enough to make a 48 page book?
    But, not longer than to make a 300 page book?

If you think your work would be suitable to Naturegraph, query us with an email
    Give your name and address,
    title of your work,
    table of contents,
    word count,
    does it have photos (in color or b/w),
    your qualifications as a writer, and
    is your work well researched and referenced.

A paragraph describing your book and what motivated you to write it.

Another paragraph to tell us what is unique about your book, marketing suggestions, and the type of people who would use it.
What other books are similar to yours? Or about the same topic?

Please do not phone. We will answer your email. If we wish to consider your work further, will we ask to see some of your writing, example of illustrations, have specific questions, send you our author's questionnaire.